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Sales order

1. Have a certain knowledge reserve in hardware, and will look at the engineering drawings;

2. Good at communicating with others, strong coordination ability, responsible, able to take care of the overall situation;

3. Strong language skills and communication skills, honest and trustworthy, strong self-confidence, positive work attitude;

4. Careful and meticulous work, with strong subjective initiative and self-discipline;

5. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a good team spirit and a high degree of service enthusiasm;

6. Limited to women, 25-38 years old, good character, strong learning ability, excellent fresh graduates can also.

Warehouse manager

1. Have a certain knowledge reserve in hardware;

2. Good at communicating with others, strong coordination ability, responsible, able to take care of the overall situation;

3. The basic business quality, can manage all kinds of materials in the warehouse; have a custom account ability, skilled operation of ERP or gold disc software, can effectively count all kinds of data and manage the management of the warehouse;

4. A certain organizational and coordination ability, able to plan and improve the management of the warehouse; good moral literacy, safekeeping of all the financial affairs of the warehouse;

5. Have a certain level of safety knowledge and be able to cope with general emergencies.

General manager business assistant

1. Women's image quality is good, with more than two years of assistant general manager work experience;

2. Can accept customer entertainment, will drink, understand the reception;

3. Proficiency in office software operation;

4. With a C1 driver's license, have practical driving experience;

5. Have a certain business or documentary experience;

6. A certain understanding of hardware products is preferred.

Administrative commissioner

1. Recruitment/dismissal, labor contract signing/management, and employee resignation procedures;

2. Employee social security insurance / surrender application, detailed settlement, work injury incident follow-up treatment;

3. Monthly work hour settlement;

4. Good communication skills, coordination of employee relations, supervision of factory/house hygiene and factory regulations;

5. The switchboard telephone is in a hurry and courtesy to answer/transfer, visit the customer/supplier reception;

6. Good writing, good image, assist other colleagues to print / copy / scan documents, other matters that the superiors confess.

Accounting cashier

1. Female 20-48 years old, college diploma;

2. Familiar with the gold disc software, sensitive to numbers, serious, responsible, and cheerful;

3. Will edit the financial system and process. It is best to have done factory cost accounting, strong communication skills, will collect money, will approve contracts, and understand management;

4. Will drive, have a driver's license; (priority)

5. Local Dongguan household registration.



1. Education: College degree or above in accounting, finance and related fields;

2. Experience: More than 3 years of accounting work experience, including more than 2 years of accounting experience in manufacturing enterprises, will make the company's full account priority;

3. Knowledge requirements: There are accounting qualification certificates or assistant accountants or above, familiar with national accounting regulations, and understand tax regulations and related tax policies;

4, Ability requirements: proficient in the application of office software;

5, Other requirements: strong sense of responsibility, with a good sense of business secrecy.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the making of the voucher;

2. Responsible for checking the accounting subjects at the end of the month, so that the accounts are consistent and there are no missing documents;

3. Responsible for monthly accounts payable reconciliation;

4. Responsible for company cost control, cost analysis, organization end of month inventory;

5. Responsible for submitting each project and company income statement on time/monthly and analyzing key profit indicators;

6. Submit monthly balance sheet, profit and loss statement (profit statement) and cash flow statement on time;

7. Payroll accounting.

Anti-vibration bracket designer


1. Whether you have experience or not;

2. Bachelor degree, civil engineering construction, water supply and drainage, HVAC, mechanical major are preferred, and relevant design institutes are preferred;

3. Skills: AUTOCAD, Tianzheng water supply and drainage, SolidWorks'ProE, BIM and office software, can adapt to business trips.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Design, calculation and material statistics of building electromechanical seismic schemes;

2. Docking the sales team;

3. Assist customers in providing product demonstrations;

4. Responsible for on-site technical issues.

Guangdong Boya Industrial Co., Ltd

Tel: +86-769-23366228

Fax: +86-769-22455373

Mobile: +86-18926862136

E-mail: 969743467@qq.com

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